Info for Parents

Good News!

Parents and family will now be allowed to join us on campus this Friday, June 25, 2021 for the College Day activities that will be taking place between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm in the Student Wellness and Recreation Center. Please note that University policy requires that all visitors wear masks when inside buildings.

If parents and family are interested, they can eat dinner with the Boys State citizens in the Dalton Dining Hall on Friday night. Radford University will charge $14.28 per meal for each guest.

Parents and family are also invited to join us for the parade and for the Legion Night activies that begin on the Heth Lawn at 7:30 pm and continue into the Preston Bondurant Auditorium. Radford University policy requires that parents wear masks when inside and we are asking that visitors sit in the back of the room and in the balcony with an empty seat between groups.

All visitors to the campus will need to read the Radford University’s requirement for campus visitors and to complete an online visitor registration form 24 hours ahead of their travel to campus.

Visitor Requirements and Registration Page

Notes for completing the visitor registration form: “Location of visitor” will be where you are traveling from. “Location of visit” will be Preston Auditorium. Debbie Rynberg can be listed as the RU contact.

Please note that while parents are on campus, they are not permitted to enter the City dorm areas at any time. And under no circumstances are Boys State citizens allowed to leave the campus before the Saturday morning graduation ceremony.

This is a educational program. It is not a sports camp. It is a highly structured instructional program in local and state government. We operate under a strict set of rules which must be accepted by each candidate. Parents of delegates need to understand how the program operates and what type of students will be attending. Although it is not a “boot camp”, we do utilize moving about the campus in a military-like manner in order to maintain order and discipline.

We also conduct roll call to make sure everyone is accounted for at all times. Many traditions are found at Boys State. The American Legion creed “For God and Country” is taken very seriously. Each session is opened and closed with prayer. The pledge to the flag of our country and other flag ceremonies are conducted. We respect all religious beliefs. No one is forced to participate in any religious or patriotic ceremony.

The American Legion Boys State program does not receive Federal, State or other public funds. All monies are raised through the local Posts. Counselors and staff are volunteers.

You are invited to attend these events!

College Day on Friday from 3—5:00 pm

Plan to talk with representatives about the admissions process, college life, scholarships and financial aid.

Family Night is Friday from 5—10:00 pm

Enjoy dinner with Boys State citizens and Boys State staff on Radford University campus (cost of the meal is $14.28 per person and includes tax). Dinner is followed by a parade, program ceremonies, a special address, presentation of awards and scholarships, announcement of Boys Nation Senators, and a musical presentation.

The Graduation Ceremony is on Saturday

Saturday Schedule of Events

9:00 am — Religious Services
9:30 am — Special Music Presentation
9:50 am — Report by Boys State Governor
10:00 am — Graduation Program, Awards and Recognitions
10:30 am — Farewell Address
11:00 am — Grand Finale

Info about Saturday pickup


How to contact your son

Letters via U.S. Postal Service
RU Conference Services
c/o Boys State of Virginia
[Student Name]
Post Office Box 6911
Radford, VA 24142

Packages via U.S. Postal Service
RU Conference Services
c/o Boys State of Virginia
[Student Name]
501 Stockton Street
Radford, VA 24142

Virginia Boys State Admin & HQ
9am — 10pm
540-831-XXXX (updated prior to next session)

After Hours Emergency
Radford University Police Department
10pm — 9am


Friday Night is Family Night and Legion Night!

Parents and Legionnaires are invited to visit Boys State and get a first-hand look at the program. No reservations required!

College Day activities start at 3:00 pm in Kyle, 3rd Floor, Radford University. Parents are encouraged to meet with college representatives (directions).

3:00 – 5:00pm — Parents and Legionnaires arrive
5:00 – 6:30pm — Dinner with Boys State citizens and Boys State staff in the Muse Dining Hall (cost of the meal is $12.69 per person and includes tax)
7:00pm — Flag Lowering Ceremony in the stadium
7:30pm — Boys State Parade
8:05pm — Rulings in Moot Court Completion
8:15pm — Report from Boys State Legislators
8:30pm — Special Address
8:45pm — Presentation of Scholarships and Samsung Award, Announcement of Boys Nation Senators
8:45pm — Special Musical Presentation
9:00pm — Legion Program