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2021 Archive – 78th Session

Elected Officials, left to right, Attorney General Robert Meyers, Governor Aryan Hamdard, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Senger

Elected Officials

Governor Aryan Hamdard
Fairfax High School
Sponsored by American Legion Post 177

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Senger
Fishburne Military School
Sponsored by American Legion Post 340, Lee Lodge No. 208 A.F. & A.M.

Attorney General Robert Meyers
Suffolk Christian Academy
Sponsored by American Legion Post 57, Suffolk Elks Lodge 685

Opening the 78th Session

Boys Nation Delegates

Caleb Kuo
W.T. Woodson High School
Sponsored by American Legion Post 177

Dimitrios Owen
Edison High School
Sponsored by American Legion Post 176

Samsung Scholarship

Dimitrios Owen
Edison High School
Sponsored by American Legion Post 176

Best City



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Daily Newspaper

Volume 78, Issue 1: Monday, June 21
Volume 78, Issue 2: Tuesday, June 22
Volume 78, Issue 3: Wednesday, June 23
Volume 78, Issue 4: Thursday, June 24
Volume 78, Issue 5: Friday, June 25
Volume 78, Issue 5: Saturday, June 26

Photo Gallery

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The keynote speaker and Boys State Alum, RADM William Cobb US Navy (ret) encourages the young men

Standing proud at Flag Retreat

Everyone is getting their 10,000 steps in!

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Virginia Boys State, Session 78, June 20-26, 2021

Proud family of a 2021 delegate

Delegates taking the oath of citizenship

Steve Cox, Logistics Director, assists with Flag Retreat

Lunch with delegates from Marshall City and Henry City

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Honor guard

Flag Retreat at the 78th Session

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Boys State staff at the 78th Session

Virginia Boys State citizens respond to a campaign speech

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Christopher Fens leads the Boys State bank

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Developing friendships that will last a lifetime

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Proud Sponsors of the 78th Session

The American Legion extends deep gratitude for the private donations and sponsors that made the 78th Session of Virginia Boys State possible. Thank you! To become a sponsor, please visit our sponsorship page.

2021 Major Sponsors of Virginia Boys State

American Legion Virginia Boys State is grateful for the participation of members and staff of our state government and their commitment to educating the next generation of citizens of the Commonwealth.