Info for Counselors

Returning counselors and staff members

After completing the background check, see this letter from Chief City Counselor Matthew Hartman

Important update to Counselor Staff

One of the secrets to the success of Virginia Boys State is the group of outstanding counselors who enjoy working with Virginia’s future leaders.

To apply to be a Virginia Boys State Counselor, meet these criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • If you attended Boys State, there must be at least one year between attendance at Boys State and serving as a counselor
  • Have no criminal record
  • Undergo a background check — cost is $12

Background checks are required of all staff members who are involved with the boys of Boys State. We must attest to Radford University that all Virginia Boys State staff are of the highest caliber and with no criminal histories involving crimes against children. This process is to protect the program, you, and the participants.

This button opens a new window in your browser and takes you to the secure American Legion page for background checks. Follow the instructions to apply for Boys State counselor.

Background check

Counselor Packing List

Back Row – William Stramm, Alan Drinkwater, Jason Stitt, Wayne Parent, Matt Hartman, Stephen Flowers, Robert Borkovich, Scott Maddrea, Joshua Foye, Phil Leonard, Dan Combs, Dan Dellinger, Steve Cox, Linden Dixon, Frenchie Burnett, Steve Robertson
4th Row – Collin Lee, Elijah Cox, Rodney Kenley, Logan Hodges, Joe Moretto, Al Hillman, Mark Seavey, Bob Brady, Chris Fens, Jerry Netherland, Reid Piercy, Thom Guthrie, Conner Francis, Larry Green, Jeff Finch
3rd Row – John Turbeville, Russell Dash, Charles Briener, Tony Sarver, Jack Curry, Zach Steele, Demas Boudreaux, Eric Wong, Henry Bergstol, Jean Burnett, Chris Royal, Rocco Cianciotti, Linwood Moore, Gary Lowe, Emmanuel Murphy, JC Carstens
2nd Row – Lee Lipscomb, Brian Davis, Joseph Hood, Saalih Muzakkir, Dwight Myers, Jim Flint, Kathy Lyons, Denis Confer, Lenny Kaneshiro, Guillermo Guillen, Ray Weimer, Eric Campbell, Robert Grady, Harriet Williams, Fargo Wells, Doug Morgan, James Woodfin, Sam McPherson, Michael Gogan, Richard Eaton
Kneeling – Andrew Wilds, Willie McCrory, Jim Edwards, Michael Atkins, Tim Johnson, Josh Jiminez, Alex Dixon, Bob Shumar
Not Pictured – Jason Feimster, Warren Bowling, Rick Oertel

Preference for counselor positions is given to Legion members and sons of American Legion members.

Matthew Hartman
Chief City Counselor, Virginia Boys State of The American Legion