Virginia Boys State Staff

The Boys State staff is a volunteer team with combined experience totaling more than 200 years. All of the leadership staff are legionnaires. We would like to extend a special THANK YOU to the staff of American Legion for making Boys State one of the best learning experiences in the nation.

Director: Ike Kelley

Deputy Director: Robert O'Keefe

Program Director: David Braun

Corporation Secretary: Matt Hartman

Treasurer: Larry Greene

Registrar: Linden Dixon

Chief City Counselor: A.D. Carter

Director of Logistics: Steve Cox

State Chairman: Thelonious Forbes

Media Coordinator: Chuck Cunningham

College Day Coordinator: Bob Brady

Master of Ceremonies: Ken Knight

Yearbook Editor: Ray Rhyne

Photographer and Website

Photographer: Andrew Wilds

Website: Blue Sky eSolutions

Virginia Boys State Board of Directors

Ike Kelley, President
Thelonius Forbes, Vice President
Larry Greene, Treasurer
     and 21 elected members of the board

2013 Virginia Boys State Board of Directors
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