Virginia Boys State Application Process

Legionnaire Larry Green with two Boys State delegates.
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Step One

For parents and eligible candidates

Using this District Chairperson Locator list, approach the person listed to indicate your interest in attending Boys State. Your contact will guide you through the application process which includes his or her submission of the sponsorship application [PDF] (updated 2/1/2016). Be sure to read about our selection process.

For sponsors — chairpersons, high school personnel and American Legion post personnel only

Submit an Application for Sponsorship [PDF] (updated 2/1/2016) along with the application fee ($400.00 per delegate).

Money that accompanies the Application for Sponsorship must be sent to the registrar prior to filling out the online registration form (in step two).

The registrar will send you the registration numbers for your candidates, and the user name and password needed to complete the online registration along with your receipt.

Virginia Boys State Registration Process

Step Two

To be completed by the Boys State chairperson and in some cases the high school guidance counselor

Click on the "Register Delegates Now" button and login with the username and password sent to you by the registrar (Sent after the completed application and payment has been received.)

Register the delegate with the registration number provided by the registrar.

Submit the registration form when you have filled in all the fields (the submit button sends a record to the database for the registrar).

You will see a confirmation page upon successful submission of the student data.

Only Legion Post Boys State chairpersons and in some cases, high school guidance counselors, are authorized to complete online registration.


Enter the credentials provided by the registrar at the next prompt:


Contact the registrar

Linden Dixon
Phone (703) 966-0476